Today was a day that screamed sugar.

Perhaps it was all the attempts I had been making at healthier eating as of late. As the family attacked a Super Bowl-themed bucket of chicken and tots for supper, I chewed on a pile of spinach and chicken. And low fat Caesar dressing. And multi-grain croutons.

(“Pigs wouldn’t eat multi-grain croutons!”, I hear my grandfather say. He’d say that about anything lacking in taste. Usually, a much maligned cucumber.)

So I was owlly. At myself. I’m happy that I’m trying to make better choices. But for whatever reason, today was not to be that day.

It was a day for a brownie.

So I unearthed my grandmother’s recipe (herein known as Poppins). Usually it’s half English, then dissolves into shorthand.


It’s pretty simple yet deadly. Four eggs, a cup of this and that…and a can of chocolate syrup.


The frosting usually used is an basic chocolate chip, sugar and butter in a saucepan deal. No, that wouldn’t do…but I had seen this cookie dough frosting on Pinterest. It can’t be that good, can it?

It can. It is.


(Sally’s Baking Addiction: Cookie Dough Frosting)

The fact that I have a container of that frosting now makes me a happy camper. Maybe it’ll make the spinach taste better, too.


The finished half-baked brownie.


An Intro, of Sorts.

In an ocean of food blogs, why set up shop?

Well, two reasons. First, I miss creative writing. For years, I used to journal, both old-school and in the blogosphere, where I’d just work out ideas milling about in my head. Looking to start again, cooking is a fun past time for me, and I figured it would be interesting to share that passion with the world (e.g., my mom and maybe a few of her friends).

And secondly, I love cooking. And eating. I grew up in a family of people who cook, and I’ve picked up a few tricks from two different styles. Mom is an amazing baker, who tackles these insanely technical recipes and emerges from the kitchen, spotless and holding a delicious chocolate cake. Dad kills at improv cooking – he just has an idea in his head from that show he saw the night before, adds a few tweaks and it’s incredible. And in sufficient quantity to feed an army. I alternate between both styles, depending on my mood and the ingredients at hand.

(Okay, three reasons. I think I’m starting to bother people on Facebook with endless photos of food. And, while I want to share and get to know about others’ food love, not everyone likes artsy arrangements of a burger.)

I’m not sure where this will go, but it’ll be fun in the meantime! Hope you enjoy – and feel free to comment/email with any questions.

Disclaimer (aka, Health Nuts, Go Home)
I may have recipes – my sources range from Pinterest experiments to family gems to “The Joy of Cooking”. But if I’m going improv, your guess is as good as mine.

I actually enjoy carrot cake, and carrots, a great deal. (I’ll share the mildly amusing story behind the name some day.) But I despise mushrooms. So, no stuffed mushroom caps or beef Wellington.

I’m a texture person. I eat (some) salads, and I entertain the thought of smoothies, but mostly I want my food cooked to some degree (no pun intended).

The exception to the above – I love sushi, and I love cow in all forms. (“Pat it down and send it in with a fork”, I say!) So, while I am making valiant attempts to eat better, I will, at times, regress to the eating habits of a middle-aged tailgater from the Midwest.

Part of my thoughts on eating better is just knowing what goes into my food, even if it is real butter and cream. I think a little bit of fat is better than some random chemical from who-knows-what lab.