An Intro, of Sorts.

In an ocean of food blogs, why set up shop?

Well, two reasons. First, I miss creative writing. For years, I used to journal, both old-school and in the blogosphere, where I’d just work out ideas milling about in my head. Looking to start again, cooking is a fun past time for me, and I figured it would be interesting to share that passion with the world (e.g., my mom and maybe a few of her friends).

And secondly, I love cooking. And eating. I grew up in a family of people who cook, and I’ve picked up a few tricks from two different styles. Mom is an amazing baker, who tackles these insanely technical recipes and emerges from the kitchen, spotless and holding a delicious chocolate cake. Dad kills at improv cooking – he just has an idea in his head from that show he saw the night before, adds a few tweaks and it’s incredible. And in sufficient quantity to feed an army. I alternate between both styles, depending on my mood and the ingredients at hand.

(Okay, three reasons. I think I’m starting to bother people on Facebook with endless photos of food. And, while I want to share and get to know about others’ food love, not everyone likes artsy arrangements of a burger.)

I’m not sure where this will go, but it’ll be fun in the meantime! Hope you enjoy – and feel free to comment/email with any questions.

Disclaimer (aka, Health Nuts, Go Home)
I may have recipes – my sources range from Pinterest experiments to family gems to “The Joy of Cooking”. But if I’m going improv, your guess is as good as mine.

I actually enjoy carrot cake, and carrots, a great deal. (I’ll share the mildly amusing story behind the name some day.) But I despise mushrooms. So, no stuffed mushroom caps or beef Wellington.

I’m a texture person. I eat (some) salads, and I entertain the thought of smoothies, but mostly I want my food cooked to some degree (no pun intended).

The exception to the above – I love sushi, and I love cow in all forms. (“Pat it down and send it in with a fork”, I say!) So, while I am making valiant attempts to eat better, I will, at times, regress to the eating habits of a middle-aged tailgater from the Midwest.

Part of my thoughts on eating better is just knowing what goes into my food, even if it is real butter and cream. I think a little bit of fat is better than some random chemical from who-knows-what lab.


3 thoughts on “An Intro, of Sorts.

  1. Yay!! A Bryn food blog!! I can live vicariously through you until my ankle biters are a little older to allow me a little more time in the kitchen… And I’ll finally get the nitty gritty on all the food pics you’ve been posting on FB lately… And let’s face it, our Bryn doses have been waaay too few and far between the last couple of years… So a triple win for me! Keep ’em comin’! 😉

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