Chinese Stay-In Night

One of the hardest people to cook for is my dad. Because he rarely lets anyone.

Even after a long day working, he likes to come home and cook. When he has time on weekends, it’s really off the chain, and usually in quantities for a small army. Even on Fathers’ Day or his birthday, he’s cooking. Just his nature, I suppose.

We ambushed him yesterday, though.

Detained at the office for 10 hours on a workplace first aid course being taught by T, we had a great excuse to have supper waiting for everyone.

(Mostly) homemade Chinese food

The chicken is killer. We’ve made it a couple times now and gets the kid stamp of approval, so if you’re looking to have Chinese food but aren’t feeling the MSG and the giant hunks of fried dough, this is a winner. Just a quick fry in a pan and bake for an hour in an easy-to-make homemade sweet and sour sauce. 

The chicken, dredged in cornstarch and egg, then quickly browned. Ready for sauce and the oven.

The finished baked sweet and sour chicken

The veggies were a hit, too. No recipe – we used baby bok choy, broccoli and mushrooms (ugh, I was in the minority), stir fried for a few minutes in sesame oil.

The veggies ready for the wok

The beef was good, but I think it needs something more? I posted the recipe because I think it’s worth trying again – perhaps in the slow cooker, with more spice.

We broke into Dad’s tinfoil pan collection, to create an impromptu buffet. Guess he’ll have to go buy more, or hope that he gets some for Father’s Day.

Ginger beef and sweet and sour chicken

Fried rice and veggies

Great afternoon and evening cooking and hanging out with family!

(Though, after I told Dad that I jump-balled and punched the smoke detector out of the ceiling mid-chicken-browning, he might not relinquish more access to his kitchen. Whoops.)

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