The Ninth Birthday Cake

After a number of years of relying on a trusty wooden spoon to make baked goods, Santa was very kind to me this past Christmas.

Of course, I had to name it.

Gandalf the Grey

This week, the reason to crack out Gandalf was a birthday supper for a fellow sugar lover. Living in a house where the majority have no sweet tooth, this cake was always going to be some kind of overload. After browsing Pinterest one night (and successfully avoiding requests for a character cake from “Dog with a Blog” or “Jessie”), we settled on the Kit Kat cake.

You know, the crazy one surrounded by Kit Kat bars and topped with candies.

The cakes ready for the oven

To make this cake, I went with my favourite, fail-safe chocolate cake recipe: Double Chocolate Cake

It’s so easy – mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet, and beat together. The only change is that I substitute the coffee with hot water when I’m making it for kiddies (they can taste it and aren’t really fans).

It smells just like Fudgee-O cookies.

For the frosting, I went with a chocolate buttercream icing – and the difference that using a mixer makes was unbelievable. I suppose that’s obvious, but having made it before with just plain elbow grease, I was pretty surprised.

Crazy difference using a mixer to make buttercream frosting than by hand – so much fluffier!

I’m not much of a cake decorator – a class is something that I’d like to try at some point, but until then, I wield a somewhat sharp carving knife and attack my cakes with enthusiasm to make up for it.

The tops of each layer shaved off, filled with icing and carved around the edges to (kind of) make it round.

The birthday girl loves pink, so Bulk Barn near Valentine’s Day always has the answer.

The finished birthday cake!

Yup, she was a happy chick. Makes me a happy chick.

Just a few Smarties on the cake. And I’m not shy with frosting.


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