St. George’s Day

Last year for St. George’s Day, fat from a failed Toad in the Hole recipe (sausages cooking in Yorkshire pudding) shorted the elements in the oven. It took a week of frustration and bad pizza before it was fixed.

Tons of fresh rosemary and red onions for this bad boy.

I was determined to do better justice to the English holiday. And, with the damp, cold weather that we had on April 23rd, a steak and stout pie was the remedy. No possible way to break the stove this time – pastry armour would keep everything in place.

Jamie Oliver’s Steak and Stout Pie

Substitutions made in the recipe were a few, mainly out of availability. I used  a local English-style dark ale for the gravy, because I wanted to give it a Canadian twist. I couldn’t source the cheese (used medium cheddar deli-style), some of the fresh herbs (dried herbs to the rescue), and the particular cut of meat requested (but that was okay, because roasts were on sale).

Indeed, it was a dark and stormy St. George’s night. 

Cooking down the onions and herbs in butter and oil, until they were nice and golden.

Adding the meat and mushrooms and gravy fixings to cook down for the long haul. (Yes, I hate mushrooms, but Ben doesn’t and they were big enough to pick out.)

All ready to be put in a pie!

It was REALLY good – that night and as leftovers for a couple of days’ lunches.

The finished pie and some beverages

Dark n’ Stormy Steak Pie

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