The Malaysian Noodle Dish Hypothesis

Two and a half months later, and the new house excavation continues.

We love the new place, and I wouldn’t trade any of the sweat and labour we’ve been putting into the home. But how the cooking escapades have suffered, until recently. Who wants to try fun recipes after home renovations?! And the few times that I ventured into new cooking territory were disasters. One was a cake I tried cooking in a roasting pan after the stove element blew (yeah, burnt sugar!). Another was a Friday night Milk Bar exploration – an apple pie/cream cheese/caramelized cornflake cake that tasted unreal but literally collapsed upon itself like a dying sun upon final decorative touch.

So how about this as a first offering? Tonight, it’s rainy out, and I wanted Asian noodles. While perusing the comments of pad Thai recipes, I came across one defiant chef exclaiming that pad Thai was for “chumps”, and that mee goreng was where it’s at.

Mee goreng. Malaysian spicy fried noodles.

Go on.


The only time I’ve had Malaysian food was in Vancouver. A friend and I played phone book roulette and landed upon a Malaysian restaurant, where they served coconut rice in semi-hollowed out coconuts, and deep-fried tofu with peanut sauce.

So this intrigued me.


And dear God, it was good. Better than restaurant good, according to Ben.


Rasa Malaysia – Mee Goreng

A couple of things. First, everything was easily found in a regular grocery store. Always a bonus!

Second, you have to like spicy – good green curry spicy – or you’ll need to cut back on the rooster sauce (I.e., sriracha). The heat will build.

And, the noodles should be quite al dente when they get mixed in the stir fry, as they’ll keep cooking from there. It’ll seem weird to barely cook them, but it works out in the end.

Excited for lunch leftovers tomorrow. And as geeky as this sounds, I’m happy to have a kitchen back and time to play around with some recipes!