Sunday Funday III: The Rebirth of Sushi Sundays

Sunday isn’t so much fun lately, as my Bears continue to break my weary heart. Sigh.

So we’ll focus on other things that make it fun – like sushi. It’s the meal that is really one of our trump cards – a supper that everyone devours. With five of us and wildly different sets of taste buds, you treasure those recipes. Keep them in the back pocket and only use sparingly.

Today called for Sushi Sunday.

Sushi Sunday!

The sushi we make is all cooked sushi: the kids only eat California rolls with the fake crab, and we don’t have the necessary know-how to procure good raw fish for the adults. What we’re making here is better than grocery store stuff. The really good (and raw)¬†stuff, we go to EN Sushi Bar on Canterbury St.

First, make your rice and “sauce”: the vinegar/sugar blend that will be folded into your rice and coat the grains.

Rice with the dressing sauce, ready to be folded

Once that’s cool enough to handle, break out the nori (seaweed paper) and your fillings.

  • For the California rolls, we use matchstick carrots, thinly-sliced cucumber, mashed-up avocado that I put in a baggie and apply like a thin line of frosting, and the fake crab. All attainable at the grocery store! The fake crab goes a long way, too – the bags they sell would do us three suppers, so we freeze portions for next time.
  • For the grown-ups, we do cooked salmon rolls: same carrots and cucumbers, crumbled-up cooked salmon, and then I make a spicy mayo out of mayonnaise and rooster sauce.

To roll the sushi, here’s a great short video. (I have the mats but don’t use them, and don’t seem to have a problem with things sticking, either.) You want to keep the layer of filling relatively short, or you’re not going to be able to eat the gigantic pieces you create.

Doubling the rice recipe, I was able to make 10 rolls (or 80 pieces), which was pretty much demolished at supper, with enough for several pieces for each kids’ lunch. There was also rice and salmon left for the grown-up lunches, too.

Cutting the sushi rolls

California rolls

Cooked salmon rolls


Gobble Gobble

First Thanksgiving dinner in our new house.

Having the time to prepare a real feast, I succumbed to the temptations of Pinterest and fancied up the table with cookie place cards.

Sugar cookie place cards

They were actually really good cookies in their own right (since I had a bunch of plain ones left over for lunches). Then I used a quick icing of icing sugar, milk, vanilla and food coloring for the icing and let them dry before packaging with little baggies from the Bulk Barn and leftover yarn.

They’d also be a great base for decorating Christmas cookies!



I don’t watch a lot of TV. I keep a very small, curated list of shows that I watch, and one of them is Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”: sociopolitical documentary meets food show meets travelogue. He’s a wonderful storyteller, and after finishing his book, “Kitchen Confidential”, I couldn’t wait until the new season began.

The only drawback is that he goes to these mystical places that make amazing food, and I have to have some. Last week he was in Shanghai, and he gorged on endless bowls of noodles and baskets of dumplings.

We knew immediately what we were having this weekend.


Frantically trying to find a recipe in the bowels of Superstore on a Saturday afternoon, I picked the first, reasonable-sounding one I could find – and we won the recipe lottery. Slight tweak to the recipe was only using the pre-fab wonton noodle wrappers in the vegetable aisle, because the weekend and also not feeling it.

Homemade Jiaozi – Chinese Dumplings
Soy-Ginger Dipping Sauce



Curse you, Bourdain.