Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington. A “Hell’s Kitchen” staple, along with that fish named John and risotto. I love me some cow, but knowing that the other main ingredient is mushrooms – and a lot of them – I’ve shied away for some time. After seeing a recipe for miniature Wellingtons, though, I realized that I could make some without the fungus – substituting onions only.


And we had some brie, so why not add that into the little pastry packets?

The pastry was a great find. After forgetting to buy frozen dough at the store, and loathing the idea of heading back out, I found a “quick” puff pastry recipe that uses the food processor to speed up the process in about half the time.



The toasty underside of the mini Wellington packet.

Twenty-five minutes in the oven and some garlicky greens as a side, supper was served – with a bit of our new beer, too!


Inside a Wellington with just onions and the brie



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