Dumplings / Scallion Pancakes

I just wanted deliciousness in dumpling form.

And then I saw these little onion pancakes online, and knew that needed to happen.


Another link from my new favourite blog again: Chicken Potstickers.

Absolutely, it takes some serious time to make these. But watching the kids gobble them up, and then inform me that these need to reappear for app night – we had a hit! In the version we made tonight, I shredded cabbage for the filling, used sesame oil instead of soya sauce (because I knew that they’d hit that hard at the table), and finely diced chicken (pre-cooked).




Ah, yes. The scallion pancakes. My favourite, favourite potato chip flavour is sour cream and onion, and now I have a grown-up, fancypants version of that. The layers that all the rolling and twisting creates – and then you sprinkle sea salt in those layers, so you get a hit of onion and salt. Gah.

These are going to call to me like a siren song tonight.

untitled-1169 untitled-1173 untitled-1182


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