On Rhubarb

I heart rhubarb.

I have a big bag of it in the fridge. Sacrificing a few stalks, I made this here skillet cornbread with roasted rhubarb embedded in it.

And then served warm with butter and drizzles of honey.

Because I am a savage.


50 Ways to Make a Cupcake

The May issue of Food Network magazine. Bless you.

50 Variations on Cupcakes: Base Batters and Frostings


Cupcakes ready for delivery! The base is the same for both – the malted chocolate one. First time a recipe actually made the exact number of cupcakes that it said it would.


Malted milk chocolate. The frosting tastes like a giant Whopper.


Cookies n’ Cream. Vanilla frosting with ground-up Double Stuf Oreos whipped in.