On Rhubarb

I heart rhubarb.

I have a big bag of it in the fridge. Sacrificing a few stalks, I made this here skillet cornbread with roasted rhubarb embedded in it.

And then served warm with butter and drizzles of honey.

Because I am a savage.



I love books. One of my favourite past times is to explore a bookstore, pouring over fine print on glossy jackets before settling on one (or ten) choices. But I find that ever since I really got into grad school, and now with my new job being very similar to academic work – the last thing I want to do after a day of learning, hunched over a desk reading lines of a manuscript or journal articles, is to sit and read more.

Don’t get me wrong. My job is great. Learning is a sport. But, balance, you know? So in the off-hours, I set aside books to hike and explore and take pictures and bake foolish things full of sugar.

I want to do. So, on this gorgeous spring day, I’m heading out to take the dog on an interminable walk.


But first, breakfast. Brown sugar challah bread (courtesy of my new favourite food + photography blog, My Name is Yeh.) Only tweak was a brown sugar glaze and sea salt sprinkles (pomegrantes ain’t so plentiful in Atlantic Canada).

I won’t tell you how many pieces I ate. Or how long I didn’t wait for it to cool completely.







A Few Words on Butter Horn Rolls

Because I wanted to feel like a fancy-pants for our penultimate Easter supper, I made these little fellas from the America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) Family Baking Book. Even typing or saying them sounds fancy. I even affect a slight British accent when I say it, although none of my relatives across the pond made them in my memory or presented them alongside a turkey dinner.


Easy to assemble, all was well until the tray cooking on the lower rack burned their bottoms. (Which I promptly took care of by ripping off the tops and eating.)