Sunday Roast

It’s just been a long, long winter.

Blizzards upon blizzards, leading to almost 4 metres of snowfall in 2 months. Then, a dark and heavy winter, buckling under the weight of all this snow, turned more so, with Dad being in the hospital for one of those months. Happily, he’s home on the mend now. And the days are getting longer and brighter.

While I was feeling particularly wordy yesterday, drafting this post, today turned completely mellow – another blizzard roared into the region, and the howling winds coupled with the smells of tonight’s supper roasting in the oven all day, made the perfect conditions for slowing brain waves. Eloquence simmered away into babble.

Without ado, then, this was the source of the lovely smells in the house: Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder and Pork Crackling (served with whipped potatoes, steamed carrots and broccoli, and gravy). Highly recommend it.

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Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington. A “Hell’s Kitchen” staple, along with that fish named John and risotto. I love me some cow, but knowing that the other main ingredient is mushrooms – and a lot of them – I’ve shied away for some time. After seeing a recipe for miniature Wellingtons, though, I realized that I could make some without the fungus – substituting onions only.


And we had some brie, so why not add that into the little pastry packets?

The pastry was a great find. After forgetting to buy frozen dough at the store, and loathing the idea of heading back out, I found a “quick” puff pastry recipe that uses the food processor to speed up the process in about half the time.



The toasty underside of the mini Wellington packet.

Twenty-five minutes in the oven and some garlicky greens as a side, supper was served – with a bit of our new beer, too!


Inside a Wellington with just onions and the brie



Birthday Steak

Last week’s Sunday Funday post – supper for Ben’s birthday: a steakhouse meal. The nice lady at NB Liquor helped me pick out a great red wine (Gnarly Head Zinfandel), and I used this recipe to create “steakhouse-style” steak: Amuse Bouche Restaurant-Style Steak. Accompanied by asparagus and garlic/caramelized onion mashed potatoes.


Did you notice the little detail? Yes, that’s butter on the steak.

Bless her heart – what’s left of it.