Thirty-three years.

My big birthday request was a pound cake loaded with frosting from the Superstore, which I proceeded to eat for three days until new sugary products were available.

In between cake feedings, we also went to the Saint John Alehouse for supper.

And now I can say that I had random organ meat for my birthday – and it tasted delicious.

Almost as good as the cake.


Warm Caesar salad: grilled romaine, fried croutons, parm and lots of bacon.



Confit duck hearts



Kentucky fried sweetbreads with hot and cool dressings.



Mussels in beer, garlic and pancetta



Chop Chop: EN Sushi Bar

More hipster photos of great food made by other folks for Chop Chop Restaurant Week – this time, it’s my friends over at EN Sushi Bar on Canterbury St. Always delicious!


Course 1: Kinpira gobo salad and salmon nigiri


Course 2: Japanese curry over Udon

Chop Chop: Saint John Alehouse

Chop Chop is the twice-a-year restaurant week in uptown Saint John. While we usually brown bag our lunches, it’s a great chance to try out new places or visit old favourites.

The menus for Chop Chop Winter 2014

Our Superbowl Monday took on the latter, and we got to enjoy a nice, leisurely lunch at the Saint John Alehouse. It sounded interesting enough on paper, but was seriosily , seriously tasty and rich. Would order it again in a heartbeat!

Hipster photos of our meals, begin!


Smelt escabeche


Roots and shoots salad with sweet potato steamed bun, pork belly and smoked tomato jam.