la cuisine, pt. 1 (ideas)

After many months, we finally sold Ben’s house, and found “our” house. Having moved about 12-13 times in the last 15 years, saying that I’m excited is a rather gross understatement. I know some people who love setting up shop again and again – I am not one of them. Love love love travelling – HATE moving. Each move has been purely out of necessity rather than want, so to finally have something that we can call ours and make it a home, is awesome.

It’ll be full throttle once we take possession in a few weeks, and while we’ll be painting the whole house in general, we’re going to focus mainly on four rooms to start: the 3 kids’ bedrooms, and the kitchen. I wanted to focus on the kitchen, as it’s such a focal point.┬áMaybe it’s the Maritime kitchen party in us, but the kitchen is so much more than cooking – it’s entertaining and sharing meals. And with the layout being fairly open, it will be the focus from┬áthe adjacent dining and living rooms.

There’s won’t be a lot of food posts from my own hands in the next few weeks, but I will share the kitchen journey. Here’s two photos I took with my phone of the “blank canvas”:




In terms of design style that I like in general, I think it’s an eclectic, warm space – lots of textures, with some cool art work and a laid-back, cozy feeling. A place where people can just walk in and have a cup of tea and feel at home themselves. In my head, this is where we’re going to start:


Overall, the game plan is to paint the walls the robin’s egg blue (for a great post on matching different paint chips to an actual robin’s egg, check out CobiStyle.) The cupboards are going to get redone with a Cabinet Transformations Kit, going as light as possible to brighten up the space. From there, new lights, hardware (including a pot rack! Whee!) and some neat design things I’ve been coveting on Pinterest, such as framed coffee sacks and a wall-mounted herb garden using pallets and mason jars. For now, we’ll keep the countertops, white tile backsplash, appliances and floor untouched.

The proof, of course, is in the proverbial pudding. (And for an amazing chocolate pudding recipe: Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding by the Kitchen Paper.)

Stay tuned.