50 Ways to Make a Cupcake

The May issue of Food Network magazine. Bless you.

50 Variations on Cupcakes: Base Batters and Frostings


Cupcakes ready for delivery! The base is the same for both – the malted chocolate one. First time a recipe actually made the exact number of cupcakes that it said it would.


Malted milk chocolate. The frosting tastes like a giant Whopper.


Cookies n’ Cream. Vanilla frosting with ground-up Double Stuf Oreos whipped in.


Salted Caramel Mini Cupcakes






One of my work colleagues just successfully defended her PhD dissertation last week, so the office organized a little celebratory coffee break for her on Monday. My contribution: salted caramel and chocolate mini cupcakes.

IMG_0463I found this awesome, fudgy, caramel frosting recipe here: Sally’s Baking Addiction Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting. The only change I made was to add more cream to get the consistency I wanted. (The drizzle is the caramel from the first steps of that same recipe.)



This used my trusty chocolate cake recipe from this post. I bought a couple mini muffin tins, something that I’ve wanted for awhile. They’re great for making snacks for a break or potluck, because everyone in the world, except me and my close friends, will take a knife to a cupcake and halve it or – worse – quarter it. No one had to feel guilty here, though.

They’re like muffin vitamins, in the words of Jim Gaffigan.


I have two great neighbours right now.

Aside from being nice to talk with, they’ve been awesome possums every winter. On one side, we have a couple in possession of a plow-equipped ATV; the other, a man with a snowblower. Without asking, one of them will always help clear our driveway (and this winter, it was even more appreciated). Heck, one night, I went to bed and saw the snowblower neighbour clearing out his driveway during one of the many storms that we got buried in a foot of snow overnight. Figured he was getting his car out for a night shift, but he wasn’t – and he stayed up until midnight to clear ours for the following work day.

So, they rock. And as we get ready to move, we wanted to say thank you for being awesome neighbours. Not sure how best to do this, I made Easter cupcakes for the long weekend, using the frosting recipe and technique from this post, and the chocolate cake recipe from this one (but baking for about 13-15 minutes). And the boxes are super neat – only $2.00 each from Bulk Barn!


Ready for delivery tomorrow after supper!